sliced from moons and too quiet days
strung together with our dream wisps
the walls we'd build around the hurt
the sky that turned dark and hard and
it was a city, we called it our city

tiny half-closed-eye-longing i promised
to promise you the world some day when
i thought it seemed more beautiful, worthy
words, simple, you taught me how to live
within a day or around an ending

please remember
how i hold your head, gently
fingers pressed softly behind your neck
i've never held anyone else like that
that is yours, always

to feel small, to feel so tiny
you need it, and the stars at night are
only as permanent as you will make them
burned into thought, pressed like the
little stems of life that fill me now

if you'd watch a finger, too soft from wanting
warmed in sleep it is a caress across
a face to feel someone who means too much..

we needed to be smaller and to float
to live in the little ripples and slide down careful
wind blown slopes, we were too much for the world we dreamed
that is how i found us
it is why i am here

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