Because she always knows when something is wrong, and she knows that she is the cure. Because she knows just how to love me, when I need it, and how to hold me when I'm in pain. Because she retaught me how to love. Because she knows that sometimes she's all I need and all I have. Because she is she. That's why she is why God is God.

tiny fingers curled towards palms to hide and to feel, just to be pressed against warm flesh. soft wisps of angel hair and it looked like light, resting mostly behind a tired little head. they stood over her and watched, blinking eyes, alive but leaving them, in and out of their universe between a moments moment. she was everything and how many times could they stare and wonder at something so tiny and perfect, ending.

cradling broken heart, eyes closed and searching for reason. when smiles just need to be and when the hurt is so full, when we fall into prayer simply because we want to believe it is there. falling over when and why not someone else or no one at all, she became their reason.

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