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Cream of the Cool

Some of you may be familiar with Tumblr, the pre-eminent microblogging platform of the decade. Some of you may have heard that Tumblr has decided to ban all adult content on its platform starting december 17.

It's a problem partly because banning adult content tends to also hurt left-of-center folks, since their political discussions and forums…


I have intentions 

I admit it 


I plan to surround you with soft piano music

some lavender and then perhaps

a glass of wine


When you move toward relaxed,

stretched out on the couch,

as a cat in a windowsill


I will whisper in your ear

High muck-a-muck (also high muckymuck and even high mucketymuck) is a North American English slang term adapted from the Chinook Jargon (or Tsinuk Wawa) pidgin used as a lingua franca among the Native American tribes and those of European ancestry along the Pacific coast from Oregon as far north as southern Alaska in the 19th and early 20th centuries. (There doesn't seem to be a connection to the older English word muck.)

In English, it means an important, high-r…

reQuest 2019: the reTurn


Let's celebrate the new year with the reTurn of reQuest! The Quest of reQuest will run for the month of January and will involve YOU writing one or more writeups based on requests you will receive from other noders who are also participating. As a bonus for participating, you can also make requests from other noders for the writeups you want to read.