A web based cgi proxy is essentially a proxy server, but it is in the form of a cgi script and runs on any web server. When a request is sent to the script through an html form the script requests the website. Instead of the website's server delivering the website to the browser directly, it delivers it to the proxy script, which then writes it as html to the browser window. This bypasses any other proxy's that might be in place, such as N2H2's Bess proxy. The only one of these cgi proxys that i currently know is the aptly named CGIProxy, available at http://www.jmarshall.com/tools/cgiproxy/. This will install on any web server that supports non-parsed header scripts. It wont work on many free servers, because they tend to disallow any scripts to make connections to external servers. It is a very flexible script if you know how to modify cgi.

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