N2H2, found at www.n2h2.com, is a company in North America specializing in content blocking services for schools and businesses. Their "watchdog" program is called Bess. It is implemented in my school, and many others. Essentially it is a proxy server that checks all URLs against its database of restricted websites, and returns a page reading "Bess Can't Go There" instead of the website if they decide it is evil. Some of the problems include the fact that they block all free web hosting sites by default, and they were planning to sell kid's browsing habits to advertisers. This created controvercy so they stopped those plans. Luckily for us, there are many many many ways to bypass Bess, the simplest of which being to change your proxy server address in your internet settings. The one thing that can be said for N2H2 is that they are prompt to reply to request reviews (a form in which you can request them to review a blocked site).

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