I count it as a blessing that only a very select few people still remember who I was. Nevertheless, I know I'm in good hands when someone, upon interviewing me for a unix-related position, exclaims
Hey! Wait a minute... you're not the Daniel Drucker!?
All publicity is good publicity, it seems.

Newsgroups: alt.fan.warlord,talk.bizarre
From: jac@doe.carleton.ca (James A. Cherry)
Subject: What does "xyzzy" mean to you? (was: apology)
Date: Tue, 1 Jun 1993 21:23:35 GMT

In  petonic@hal.com (Michael A. Petonic) writes:

> The last time that I heard the word "XYZZY",
> I was teleported.

To the land of 14-year-old UNIX wizards, no doubt,
where the supreme ruler is Daniel Drucker.  Speaking
of which, here are...

...THE TOP TEN ANAGRAMS OF "Daniel Drucker":

  10. Dicked Earl? Run!
   9. A dried clunker
   8. Red deck urinal
   7. Dear Uncle Dirk
   6. Unclear kidder
   5. Rekindled a cur
   4. A kindred ulcer
   3. Naked cur idler
   2. Lurid, cankered


   1. Dick launderer

I think I'll email Danny-boy at xyzzy@gnu.ai.mit.edu
and suggest that he add these to his already long .plan file.

James A. Cherry                                         "Deal with it, pal!"

If your curiosity overwhelms you, do a Google search for net.legends xyzzy and scroll down to my entry (Daniel Drucker).

Please note that my GNU email address has been invalid since 1997.

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