The ultimate of toy into tool. Growing up i always wanted one of those spiderman walkie-talkie sets so i could plan espionage into the secrets of the neighbours older daughter with others in the neighbourhood gang. Later on, my Ham Radio addict father bougth some used, more professional looking walkie-talkies where i learned about transistors, frequencies and power cells. Most of which i have forgotten now, but the power of learning and fun was there for a short time. It's probably part of my association with the communications/networking industry.

Walkie-talkies today have grown into a worldwide economic boom in the form of cellular phones. I can't afford one atm, but the the concept of having a portable phone that can fit in your back pocket at the same time your gf has her hand in it.. well.. how can you beat that? Today, all i would need is a scanner and certain information from said neighbours daughter to expose her secrets.

(hmm wait.. i guess that's illegal. :)™

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