An entire class sat in the workshop, halfway through the first lesson. All of them had taken reality molding, or at least were supposed to, the conventional wisdom being that you couldn't even grasp a visible language without it, let alone communicate in it.

The teacher continued to work on touching the class with the language, as it took a little bit of time. It was more of an art form than anything else, and they intentionally rotated the teachers, so that no student would just copy the style of a teacher, but each would develop their own, as in later teaching, they would learn how the details could communicate more than anyone ever expected.

This was the premier school for anyone interested in reality control, and it was folded away inside reality itself, sort of as a test, so that any prospective student must at least have the skill to find it. No other place that taught visible language and all of the other classes a norm would find so incomprehensible was even close to this caliber. Those students usually end up doing parlor tricks, or use it for petty theft.

There were rumors that there were other schools, that taught even more arcane topics, ideas that were just so odd that a mind had to be restructured to even understand what they were doing. But they were just rumors, at least to the students at this school.

A bit of The Nodeshell World Fiction Project.

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