my fingertip pinpricks on spindles and untimely burgundy deflation
left me fallen back in the pulchritude so diaphanous and with dislocated seams
my wrought irony crown askew and I'm displeasingly faithless to absolutes
I've pulled you out of me and for better or worse I'm through
evicted constricting wispy tendrils and wire filaments of allegiance
I wash my hands of abominable lures and kidnapped distance both

pray, tell me why but only when I've been blurred by those barbiturates
slumped with a ragdoll wink and drink in hand
and everyone would know that it was you who said so
we came of distorted virulence and I relish being ghastly in the ice without it
cough up as many pearls as you can, sputtering vice awhile longer
eat me, drink me! exponential mutability just delays the screaming queen

I'd love to walk out on your cavernous grievances, have my cake and eat it too,
to relinquish the truth stretched on the bed of nails next to me repulsively
dying would be a lightheaded getaway but I always come back again
I'll just rest inoculated with my composure of merciful defiance and cold skin
besides, the sky just came down on me and I stayed unbelievably calm
I just thought you should know that I am counteracting the severance well

I love and hate you unheard of together in blood
it diffuses across the soured repentance and carnival mirrors
almost enough for graceful rosary repertoire for one so in the dark
I have a springtime revival and resuscitated temperance waiting
to your propositioning and forsworn mortality
as if we hadn't already irked dawn enough before

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