Kimarite (Sumo winning technique)

Uchari (or utchari) is a backward pivot throw; a technique which can, if done properly, turn defeat to victory. Standing with his back to the edge of the dohyo, about to be forced out, a wrestler can try to lift/twist his attacker over the hip, sending both of them falling out of the ring. Hopefully the twisting motion will have the attacker touch down first, thus making him the loser.

Uchari is not a commonly recorded winning technique. Wrestlers may try it, but it is not easy to pull off. It is up to the referees (gyoji) and the judges (shimpan), sitting around the four sides of the dohyo, to determine which one of the wrestlers touches down first. They may use the aid of slow-mo replay, but even so it can be extremely diffcult to decide. Quite often there will be a re-match - a torinaoshi.

Of 571 bouts in the Makuuchi division (Haru and Natsu Basho, 2005), 1 (0,2%) were won by uchari.

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