The Troika is also a great Russian dance.
You dance it in groups of three in a circle (a star-like circle, each group of three as a line of the radius of the circle). The person in the middle of the three is the woman, the other two men.
The music is quite fast, so the outermost person has to "run" quite a lot, which is a good way to get rid of the surplus of energy in your body.
Basically, the dance is as follows:
    \  |  /
     \ | /
   ---   ---
     / | \
    /  |  \
   /   |   \

each line of three  "---" is a troika of two men and one woman
- part 1. you dance/run with the three on your circle-line, counter clockwise.
- part 2. the outermost man dives under the arms of the two others, then the man in the center does the same.
- part 3. make a little circle with the tree and "spin" around.
- part 4. throw away your woman to the men in front of you, and pick up the one behind you.
the whole thing starts over again.

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