Toilet safety is a very important issue in many households. Mothers with small children, large dogs, and other creatures running around often buy products to make their homes child proof.

The toilet seat guard is a relatively new invention in the grand scheme of things that keeps the toilet safe when not in use. Typically the guard resembles a piece of plastic that is about six inches in length but is bent in a ninety degree angle in the middle. It is attached to the toilet bowl with either velcro, glue, and more rarely, screws and is able to be placed upon the seat via the use of a small hinge or spring. The hinge or spring are created with enough resistance such that it is quite a trivial task for an adult to move the device, however a daunting feat for other creatures without the mental capacity nor dexterity necessary to operate it.

Personally, I am a rather big fan of this safety device due to my background as a babysitter. I've watched over toddlers who explore every crevice of the house when they are not playing with Pokemon, crying, throwing a temper tantrum, or painting the family dog.

One small benefit of the guard as well is that it is a reminder for men to put the toilet seat down, which we all know annoys women more than anything in the world.

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