What the United States of America was called during the American Civil War to distinguish it from the Confederate States of America. See Union soldier.

The Union is what a pub-type-bar situated on Union Street in Stroud, Gloucestershire, England, is now known as. It used to be known as the Pelican, or Peli, as it was popularly known. It is a favourite venue for many of the residents in Stroud, which is quite an achievement, as Stroud contains a very large number of pubs.

A medium sized place, it is set out somewhat strangely. As you enter you are on a balcony overlooking the pool table and various seats on your right. On your left is the bar, and the remainder of the pub. The floor space is long and thin, only about two meters wide in some places, with larger seating areas at the two ends, (the aforementioned one is sunken, by about three meters). There is a Juke box next to the bar and at the back a door leading into where “The Zone” nightclub used to be, now another seating area. The door also leads to the toilets and garden.

Since I left Stroud for University, The Union has once again come under new management. I have not in fact been back recently, but when I have, I will update this writeup.

12/12/06, will be updated

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