The Lord John is a Wetherspoons Free House in the town of Stroud in Gloucestershire where I live. It is very popular with the locals of the town due to the extremely low prices of its drinks, and large amounts of space.

The Lord John is named after Lord John Russell, who was MP for Stroud from 1835 to 1841, he is significant because he eventually rose to become leader of the house of commons, Lord President of the Privy Council and most importantly, Prime Minister. It is situated on John Street, which is named after the same man.

Built in the old Victorian post office, the Pub has two entrances almost directly next to each other, the one on the right leads onto a raised and carpeted drinking area, the left into the wood planked bar and eating area. The bar runs for perhaps twentyfive feet perpendicular to the entrance, it offers standard Wetherspoons fare. There are three or four gaming machines along the left hand wall, but unfortunately no pool tables or music, if you want that you are forced to go to The Union, a little further down on Union Street.

The major attraction of this place, as with all Wetherspoons pubs, are the very low prices, it is entirely possible to get a pint of beer on any day of the week for as little as £1.39.

Most nights The Lord John is very crowded, despite being of quite considerable size. On the wall is the historyof the pub and several portraits of the man himself.

Over all the only flaws in the place are it’s lack of music and pool, aside from that it is one of Stroud’s better social spots.

12/12/06 Written whilst young and inexperienced - update on its way

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