If any manager of a grocery store near me is willing to take this pledge, I'll gladly bring them my business.

I, name, the manager of grocery store name, agree that the following principles are common sense. I will abide by them.

I will state my prices as simply as possible. If it costs $4, I will not use price tags that say "2 for $8".

If produce is grown locally, I will carry local products in preference to those grown across the country or from another country.

I will provide enough parking spaces and plant enough shade trees. I will set aside spaces for shopping cart corrals so that my customers don't have to leave carts between spaces.

I will not charge more than twice my competitor's price for the same canned goods and pray that my customers don't notice. Price gouging is not a good idea.

If a customer asks for something I don't stock, I will get it. I will offer to phone or e-mail the customer when it arrives. I will not say "Gee, we don't have any."

If I deviate from these principles, I will have only myself to blame when my customers get angry.

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