A common playground game involving a ball and a rope. The rope is attatched to the top of a pole that is maybe 7 feet in height (hence the tether part). The ball (typically a volleyball) is attatched to the other end of the rope. Two persons play, and the server chooses the direction to he/she wishes to hit the ball. The server must hit the ball, it cannot be thrown. The opposing player must try to hit the ball in the opposite direction. The game is over when one player has completely wound the rope around the pole.

Rules tend to vary a bit from playground to playground. Some games allow catching and throwing of the ball. When I played as a kid, we didn't catch the ball but we were allowed to push it along with lingering contact rather than hitting it. Fouls occured for catching, for moving to the opponents side of the "court", and for grabbing the rope.

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