Terminal Boredom can be defined as the state of mind wherein the lack of motivation to do anything at all results in, well, bad stuff happening.
There are moments in everyone's life when there is just nothing to do. One wonders and looks around at the greyness that has pervaded life in general. One studies the ceiling. One studies, possibly, the floor and, consecutively, the walls. One idly wonders whether raising one's arm to scratch one's hair would, well, make sense. Then, suddenly, a thought sparks in the darkness that has taken over your mind.


A good thought? Or a bad thought? It simply doesn't matter, because while in a state of Terminal Boredom, anything will seem a plausible excuse to stop counting the tiles on the floor.

It is my opinion that Terminal Boredom, rather than, let's say, money, is the Root of all Evil.

Terminal Boredom can be directly or indirectly held responsible for: suicide, adultery, alcoholism and substance abuse in general, petty theft, vandalism, self-mutilation, setting homeless people on fire, the art of Christo, the Pet Shop Boys, the aggression of 99% of rioters in almost any riot, and the presidency of George W. Bush.

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