Also a term used to describe someone whose life revolves around technology. These people tend to take pride in this fact. Technology can be fun, and sometimes it's fun to just immerse yourself in it. The Internet, high-end computers, video games, and trance music are some of the things people can be technologists over.

An occupation sharing qualities with that of the engineer and the technician. Technologists design, but are often involved in a more hands-on way than engineers are. Technologists often assist or work alongside engineers and technicians. Technologists specialize in fields such as computers, mechanics, electronics, controls, and other technology-related industries.

I'm not sure about other countries/states, but in Ontario, in order to use the designation "Technologist", "CET", or "Certified Engineering Technologist", you must be a member of OACETT (Ontario Association of Certified Engineering Technicians and Technologists). In order to be a member you must be a graduate of an acknowledged technology program, and you must pass the membership exam.

Tech*nol"o*gist (?), n.

One skilled in technology; one who treats of arts, or of the terms of arts.


© Webster 1913.

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