A term used in baseball or softball that means to touch the base after a ball is caught by a fielder that was hit in the air and resulted in an out. Usually the point is to tag up and be prepared for stealing the next base. If the runner does not tag up after the ball is caught the fielder can throw the ball to the baseman and the baseman can touch the base and the runner will be out.

Also, another example of the strangeness of the rules of baseball. If a baserunner is on third base with less than two outs and does, in fact, tag up after an fly ball out is recorded he can run to home base and be credited with a run. If he leaves too early, and does not wait to tag up until after the ball is caught he may be called out and the run is disallowed.

May is the important word here because umpires do not have to make this call, even if they see it occur . The opposing team (the team in the field) must ask the umpire (or umpires) to make this ruling after the play, but before the next pitch. In addition they must ask for this ruling after throwing the ball back to the base in question-as if to say-"Back there, he left too soon!"

If the player left too soon the umpire will then make the OUT call and the run is deleted. If the opposing team forgets to ask for the appeal, the run counts. Period.

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