Methamphetamine can do some interesting things to you. Upon insufflating the powder, you're treated to a wonderfully sensual burning that emanates from your nose. It's analogous to having a lover drip hot wax on you, it burns so good.

So you spend your evening/night/morning/day spun and all is well until the drug begins to wear off. This so-called comedown is what makes or breaks a prospective tweaker.

The lack of sleep and food, brought on by the stimulant effects of meth, exacerbates the chemical discord taking place within your synapses. Physically you are fatigued beyond anything you've ever felt, yet your brain (whom you will quickly learn to resent) continues its not-so-normal thought patterns.

And so begins the synthetic stimulant silliness, that wonderful moment in your life where even the most mundane of objects and situations will simultaneously excite and scare you. It is indeed a state of total contradictory feelings and sensations. However the most entertaining aspects are the reality transformations...

Every now and then, on the periphery of your field of vision, you will see a shadowy figure dart across the room. They may seem a bit imposing and ghastly, but they're really just like hallucinated puppies. Sometimes you'll hear a voice calling your name or asking you a question. Answering that voice might be a bit embarrassing for you, but will provide years of laughter for your friends at your expense.

Sometimes these hallucinations are downright threatening. Never you mind though, they still retain their comedic value. A closet of shirts and slacks for example, becomes a chaotic Garden of Eden of 80% cotton, 20% rayon animals. A white paper cup haphazardly placed on the window behind the curtain is transmogrified into a cherubim made entirely of recycled paper. Then there's the white, reticulated mist that follows you everywhere, reminiscent of the foggy camera effects used in feminine deodorant spray commercials.

Eventually the absurdity of your chemically altered playground becomes a little too much to deal with. You've realized that the grumbling and conversing with the apparitions doesn't actually do anything, other than make you look insane which, chemically speaking, is quite similar to the after-effects meth has in the brain. It's called methamphetamine psychosis, but synthetic stimulant silliness is far more marketable.

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