A meal, offered by most American restaurants that offer seafood, consisting of a red meat and a seafood served on the same plate. This can vary from

Because the offerings contrast in wine choices, a red wine or a white wine is appropriate--ask your server. If you're getting a burger and fried shrimp, I recommend boardwalk fries and a nice '01 Coca-Cola. Prices vary with quality--no surprise there! Once you get to the point where the "surf" item is "Market Price", or you're in a restaurant where the prices aren't listed in the menu, you may find that the dish is not listed as "surf and turf", even though you may recognize it for what it is. Ordering it by the familiar name may cause embarrassment for you, the server, and your party, unless you're one hoopy frood and can pull off slumming in a five star restaurant.

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