Transformers: Robots in Disguise Episode Guide

Episode 19: The Fish Test
Original U.S. air date: September 27, 2001
Written by: Marc Handler

Megatron places Scourge in charge of a mission to steal energy from a power plant, and Scourge exercises his authority over Sky-Byte by telling him to stay at the Predacon base. Instead, Sky-Byte enlists his fellow Predacons to disguise themselves as Autobots and sabotage Scourge and the Decepticons. When the real Autobots arrive, Sky-Byte's plan is ruined and the Decepticons escape.

When Scourge is sent on a second energy-retrieval mission, Sky-Byte decides to tip the Autobots to the plan instead of attacking himself. Side Burn refuses to listen to him, but X-Brawn does; however, when the Decepticons attack a different power plant instead, they accuse Sky-Byte of setting them up. Finally, Sky-Byte decides to raid a third plant himself to prove his value to Megatron. Unfortunately, Megatron and Scourge are already there, and Sky-Byte is accused of ruining their plan to steal the energy by stealth. The Autobots soon arrive, driving off Predacons and Decepticons both.

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This standalone episode was played for laughs from beginning to end. The "Fish Test" was an online personality test that revealed Sky-Byte, a Predacon shark, to be a spineless jellyfish at heart. Sky-Byte is alternately attacked, embarassed and humiliated by pretty much everyone throughout the episode, and by the end there's no question that he's in both Megatron's and Scourge's bad books. You'd think this would be the end of his efforts to impress Megatron by humiliating Scourge, but unfortunately Sky-Byte isn't that good a learner.

For those truly interested, an online "fish personality test" of a smaller scope can be found at

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