Sucralose is an artificial sweetner that tastes much better than saccharine or aspartame. Splenda is the brand that makes Sucraslose.

"Sucralose is made from sugar by a patented process that replaces three of sugar's hydrogen-oxygen groups with chlorine atoms. This exchange makes the resulting SPLENDA® molecule extremely sweet, about 600 times sweeter than sugar, and extremely stable. SPLENDA is so stable that, unlike other sweeteners, it will not break down or lose its sweetness when used in cooking or baking, or when used in beverages, like carbonated soft drinks, which typically have a high acidity. SPLENDA is also unable to be metabolized (broken down) by the body's food-digesting enzymes. This means that SPLENDA has no calories!"

Kinda like a sugar-type version of that Olestra fat substitute stuff from WOW chips, without the oily discharge!

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