Chlorinated organics are a large class of chemicals that share the same basic feature: they are organic (carbon-containing) compounds that also include chlorine atoms.

They are persistent pollutants in many lakes and rivers. Chlorinated organic compounds, along with other halogenated organics, are believed to cause health risks such as cancer, endocrine system disruption, birth defects, immune system disorders, and reduced fertility (many chlorinated organics mimic sex hormones such as estrogen in many vertebrates, including humans).

Examples of chlorinated organics include trichloroethylene, ethylene dichloride, vinyl chloride, PCBs, chlorobenzene, and many chlorinated solvents, insecticides, and herbicides.

The information in this writeup was taken from the science dictionary at; I oversaw the development of the dictionary (the website was mothballed in 1998) and I believe I wrote the entry this is based on.

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