please first permit the telling of this, that I am understanding of my very bad english. I am understand many more than I am to produce. problem is many, one problem is only learn read english in schools, and other is that is only one dictionaire to change english into disyr and no dictionaire to change disyr into english. fourth uncle skilo die in crash of expensive car before finish of that part of dictionaire. if you are correcting part of my very bad english, please do to tell so that understand of stories i am telling is better.

so now I tell the story of how children of disyr go blind from bad cupric pipes of moldov.

all people of disyr are learning to make ethanol from part of fruit, bread, and other food trash, when are 13 years age, but moldov is three years in prison, and then five years in army, and some place in that time he is learning to build still and also distill ethanol drink with it.

when moldov return to disyr, he is decide to build still to distill ethanol. vodka in disyr very expensive, and he is think that he turn small ethanol drink that all people of disyr make into vodka and become rich, and also think if he rich then women of disyr forget he is in prison and army and marry anyway.

moldov is going to supplier of building material and he buy many cupric pipe, and steal pressure-cookpot from wife of neighbor. he tell supplier of building material, who is name skilo like my fourth-uncle, "I am put in new shower for to bathe" because he think skilo may be suspect moldov plan. but skilo hear this plan and give moldov cupric pipes that are only cupric plating instead of made of cupric of all thickness, skilo is thinking moldov will never know difference in shower.

moldov is building still, and make large amount vodka from small ethanol drink. first amount he make, he drink while continue to distill more ethanol drink.

problem happens when cupric plate of inside pipe wear away, and vodka come out poison. when moldov drink this, he become very sick and lose sight (he go blind). moldov think problem with still but not want to give up dream. he think he get son of neighbor to help distill and sell poison vodka to other place.

he teach son of neighbor, who is name jondel, how to distill with still, but moldov tell jondel "do not drink vodka, is make you sick and put darkness in your eyes". moldov make jondel swear to not tell people of disyr about darkness in his eyes, or about poison vodka, because moldov still have dream of become rich and marry woman of disyr.

but jondel think that moldov lie, and that moldov sickness and darkness in eyes come from whore with sickness. so, jondel not tell people of disyr, but he steal poison vodka to have at party of birthday of turning 15 years age. in disyr 15 years age is when become officially a man, so is big party.

jondel he take this poison vodka to give to friends at party, he think he appear to be rich to have so much vodka, and impress girls of age to marry. instead, half of friends at party go blind like moldov, and when doctor blame poison vodka, people of disyr blame jondel. and when jondel blame moldov, moldov he cry and apologize. everybody angry, and go break still. when judge investigate he is learn of bad cupric pipes, and everybody know that moldov make poison vodka by accident.

but, then one of children who become sick at party die, and because moldov knew was poison and made anyway, judge says is fault of moldov. judge give father of dead boy hatchet and tell he to make justice on moldov. that is how moldov have cut off he nose and one and half ear. darkness in eyes go away and no other sick person die, but moldov have this shame also add to his shame of prison and army, so now will never marry.

is good moldov will never come to city with cafe to look at webscreen, he will be mad if he know whole world hear his shame.

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