A type of rock climbing route where the climber is protected with pre-placed gear, typically bolts that have been put into the rock. It stands in contrast to a trad climb where the climber must bring along a set of gear and place it into the rock while climbing.

Of course there's always the sport climbing is neither attitude

Just to clarify for those unfamiliar with rock climbing as a sport, when climbing outdoors on real rocks there are a bunch of different types/styles.

The two I would like to differentiate are trad (short for 'traditional') climbing in which a climber has to place pro (short for 'protection') and sport climbing where protection has already been placed. Sport climbing differs from trad climbing in one very important instance; trad climbers have to place their own pro as they go ('pro' is small pieces of metal of varying complexity -- chocks/nuts, cams/friends, pitons/pins -- that are placed into flaws in the rock and to which the rope is loosely attached by a quickdraw -- a strap with a carabiner on each end.

In sport climbing the 'pro' consists of bolts that have been driven into the rock -- usually by volunteers -- to which the climber can clip her/his quickdraw. This allows a climber to extend her/himself further than they could on a trad route because they don't need to conserve enough energy to place their pro -- often a finicky and delicate process -- they simply -- hah! -- need to have enough strength to clip the next bolt to prevent themselves from taking a whipper (a big fall).

There is some debate as to which style of climbing is 'purer', but that's an argument for another node.

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