Chris Sharma is a climbing wunderkind. A few years ago when he was 16 he placed 3rd in a world cup climbing event. About two years ago he won the X-games bouldering event and for the past couple of years he has been concentrating on bouldering, featuring in the film rampage.

Sharma gained world recognition when he became the first american to climb the route Just do it. This route was the first 5.14c / f8c+ in America and was put up by a Frenchman. It was about 10 years before an American climber would succeed on this climb.

A few days ago, on the 18th July, 2001 Sharma completed a route that he has been working on for four years. It is an 18 meter extenstion to the climb Biographie 5.14c / f8c+. The extension contains more 5.14c / f8c+ moves and this brings the grade of the new climb to at least 5.15a/f9a. As far as I know this is the first route confirmed as 5.15a in the world. It is probably the hardest climb in the world.

Chris refused to grade Realization (which is his recent style) so it hasn't been confirmed as a 5.15a. Until someone repeats it and gives it a grade then it remains gradeless but consensus is that it probably is the hardest sport climb in the world

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