In any given First Person Shooter, the "splash damage" is the effect any given weapon has on nearby things it does not directly hit. The amount of splash will obviously vary from weapon to weapon, and usually be nothing.

Splash damage can be thought of as shock waves, shrapnel, etc., and is a powerful, powerful force for those who can find ways to {ab}use it. For example some games (i think Quake 3 is one) have the quirk that splash damage only occurs if you miss; i.e. hit a person and they will absorb all the damage themselves, but hit the ground and those nearby will be affected by the splash. In such games you often see experienced peoples purposefully aiming at the ground near people rather than at the people themselves in hopes of creating a splash that affects as many people as possible.

In Recoil, a tank game that is generally considered by all who have played it to be the worst programmed game ever created, splash damage can actually go through walls. When a blast with splash damage occured, not only would the things on the other side of heavy stone walls be effected as if the walls were not there, but the 3-d special effects-- rings of smoke etc-- would pass through the walls unabated as well! The entire game was full of that kind of inattention to detail, hence its title as the worst programmed game ever created..

On Everything2, ching!s have splash damage; w/us in the general area of a ching (usually in the same node, although the same effect can be felt across softlinks) will offen suffer heightened reps and are, indeed, in threat of being chinged themselves.

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