If you can receive german television (if you have ASTRA satellite tv this should be anywhere in Europe and North-Africa. You can also recieve it by european digital television via cable or any other satellite). You should watch this tv broadcast at least once. Is is broadcasted on Bayern 3(Bavaria 3) and their symbol is the mirror of "FE". It doesn't matter what language you speak, as there is no text at all. Each episode you only hear a long techno track and you see either:

Astronauts and Cosmonauts doing silly things in Space, like taking their drink from a sphere in free space, some form of ballet, or showing what happens if the spacecraft is accelerated (they are smashed to the wall).

Satellite Movies and Movies taken from the space-shuttle and the Mir showing regions of the earth.

and movies of the construction and start of a new rocket (and occiasonally the following explosion).

It runs every night after about 1:00 am (MET) +- half an hour. The time it starts changes daily.

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