Let’s look at a slob household. Everyone’s lived there, at one point or another: there’s a couch, and a TV, and a coffee table. You sleep (and sit, and do everything else) from the couch, you use the coffee table to hold everything (which gets it cluttered) and you watch the TV all day long. No one knows how or what or why to get anything done — somewhere, there’s a pile of clothes that get intermittently washed, and a kitchen, that mostly is used only to cook microwave dinners. There’s also a bathroom, the less said about, the better. 

Well, there are some advantages to living this way. No one really cares if the coffee table gets a few cigarette burns. All you really have to do is  change clothes now and then, and pay the cable guy and you just drift…And then, you get some money, and you go to the liquor store, and call your friend, and life’s great! 

For a few days. The TV stays on, and you and your friends get into the game of who goes  out next, and then it gets ugly, and then it’s all the way it is…until next month. 

And you watch the TV, and it shows you a way you could have lived, if things had been different, or if you win the lottery, and you hang on…

Until next month. 

And if you don’t go to the packie, and you don’t talk to your friend, you say “well, one day at a time” until you just can’t anymore, and you do something stupid.

But that’s just life. 


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