A very, very frightening grammatical deficiency referring to the word 'skater'. Yet a sk8r and skater are two different types of human. We'll tackle the skater mindset first. Skaters (and I refer equally to skateboarders and inline-aggressive aficionados) are generally of the stunt/extreme sports camp. Most of them have proved their worth to other skaters in the time honored ritual of spewing gratuitous amounts of blood, epidermal skin, and pride along the various sidewalks, vert ramps, and waxed curbs of the world.

With true skaters, their is a feeling of comradery and a very beautiful Zen-like appreciation of the effort, practice, and outright blood loss of perfecting their skill. Most skater boys are also pretty hot. I don't know why, but whatever.

Sk8rs on the other hand closely resemble the testicle fungus known to reside under gorilla, chimpanzee, and other large animal nut sacs. Sk8rs are scenesters, name droppers, and all around head aches to deal with at local skate parks, comic book shops, and in parks. The sk8r mindset, loosely defined, resembles this phrase continually repeated at all times throughout a sk8rs' every waking moment:


Sk8rs are more or less bred out of the general 'not a geek but not really cool, either' male segment of the high school and first year of college population. Quite possibly, a sk8r might have an older brother who is a skater. While skaters almost ALWAYS have hot girlfriends and equally socially acceptable friends, these things aren't the REASON skaters skate, merely perks to the sport.

Sk8rs on the other hand, do it for the friends and/or/probably-just-for-the hot girls. Yet all Sk8rs do not possess or even want the needed skills, mindset, or respect of their fellow sports extremists. Again, it's just the hot girls. In those baby-top shirts.


Interestingly enough, Sk8rs truly became the genital warts on the sexual organs of humanity not on the streets and neighborhood parks, but in the popular AOL teen chat rooms of the early 90's. Here, idiots were finally given a real forum to continually type the word Sk8r as well as the other following, equally tiresome attempts at ASCII coolness:

a) ~~~`~`~@ - a rose for all the ladies

b) age/sex/location

c) Hot sk8r here wearing JNCO jeans and no shirt,IM for SEX.

Sk8rs tend to be scarce in general Internet land, but still have a pretty tight grip in AOL chat rooms. Just another reason to stay the hell away from AOL, I guess.

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