deriving pleasure from eating

Just thinking about this concept brings to mind two movies right away.

The first movie is Tom Jones, starring Albert Finney, from 1963. The movie is wickedly funny and has two scenes of eating. The more famous and well-known of these involve Tom and a woman eating across from each other, taking special pleasure in the erotic manner they take their food, spending much of their time staring at one another over the table. The other scene, although not sexual at all, also involves someone enjoying a meal. In this case it is Tom's love's father, devouring his dinner in the hall of his house, beating off and occasionally feeding his hounds.

The other movie is much more recent. 9 1/2 Weeks, starring Mickey Rourke and Kim Basinger, released in 1986. The scene in this case has the two lovers in front of an open refrigerator. She is blindfolded and he is teasing her with various foods, running them over her face and stomach often before then feeding them to her. This scene has been reproduced with mixed results, from the successful to the comedic to the disastrous, in bedrooms and kitchens across America.

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