Other Rourke facts:
He was born Philip Andre Rourke Jr
In 1956 in Schenectady, New York.

He is sometimes credited as:
'Sir' Eddie Cook when he is writing.

He has had an ultra bad Dr. Nick Riviera style face lift.

He played Jan the Actress (an incarcerated transvestite) in the slept on movie: The Animal Factory. And he was really good.

He is reputed to be a lame ass wife beater (if I’m wrong I'm sorry). Hey Mickey remember, in the immortal words of Black Sheep "We don't punch girls and/we don't punch a clock"..

Finally here's a little Mickey Rourke story to flesh this rawtha slim node out, (bear in mind this story could be true, semi/demi-true, urban legend or utter bullshit, you decide)

Ok, so it's 1992-1998, America, LA.. (Can you picture it?) and Mark Wahlberg is walking down the street (probably with his posse if it's closer to 92 and probably with his entourage if it's closer to 98). He passes in front of Golds Gym and who should be outside but, of course, Mickey Rourke. Mickey, as I am sure you are all aware, is/was a semi-pro boxer, of the exceedingly rumpled and punch drunk variety, he has been very puffy and buff and very stringy and ropy at various times, but he is always clearly someone who exercises. Mickey is smoking a cigarette (working out and smoking is cool I imagine, I know smoking is cool, if I ever get around to working out I'll let you know if they go together like cagney and lacey).

He says: Hey Hey, Marky Mark.
MW: Hey it's Mickey Rourke... How are ya man?
MR: Pretty good Marky, Hey... You wanna know how you get this big?
(Indicates his own state of muscularity, probably with a gesture with his cigarette)
MW: (who isn't that dumb and is aware that he is probably about to be the butt of something) Uh sure Mickey...
MR: (takes a big ole drag of his smoke, exhales slowly, looks Mark Wahlberg up and down) Steroids!!
He flicks the butt in the street and goes back inside.
Is it true? We may never know. If it isn't it probably should be, hmmmm?

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