Jane says,   I'm going away to Spain, 

 When I get my money saved, I'm gonna start tomorrow 

 I'm gonna kick tomorrow



She wants to be 



Not just a girl who talks



She wants to be



Not just someone who

looks up to others 


Someday she will be 

that girl


till then

a lot of guys are gonna get punched 







Well she gets mad and she starts to cry

 She takes a swing  man,

 she can't hit

Jane says   Jane's Addiction



 for lc

when you are outweighed
by 100 pounds

it's stupid

to try to hit

it's the slow match
to powder

or poison

or just staying present


and waiting

until the time
is right

Also, in a lighter vein, a traditional baseball chant (modified as necessary for either gender), meant to dishearten the batter. See Ferris Bueller's Day Off for a classic version of the chant.

Hey, batter, batter, batter.

She can’t hit,

she can’t hit,
she can’t hit,
she can’t hit.

Swiiiiiiiing, batter.

I post the above so that I can ask you to go and see this JL8 comic: https://tmblr.co/Z9IFUw24VpVV8.

Review: Genius.


Walking out between hedges
in the maze, fog above the
rocks and moss, and steps
stagger dreamlike, something
of purpose

between the pine
trees laid brown
needles, springlike
flowed water,
coming from winter's silence;
our feet
walked there years past
between the stones above the river

I walked on the
white mountain
a remnant of the evening
of a fire rising in the sky
in the cave entrance
a deer's
blood on the snow

see a reminder
of the words
that were left,
register of memory on
chimes as the wind passed
summer leaves against the sun

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