I am in water, swirling. My sister is in the water, but not swimming. Drowning. It's not very cold, comfortable, but the water is not clear. It's cloudy, with strong swirling currents, fresh water. My cat is in the water too, also drowning. I have to move quickly. I grab my sister and fight the currents and pull her towards shore. She lifts her head. "Swim!" I yell, "Why aren't you swimming! I have to get my cat!" But she doesn't. I drag her onto shore, frantic about them both. My sister's eyes are open and she is breathing.

I am back in the water, but I can't find the cat. I get back on shore, and my sister isn't there. I turn and she is in the water again, face down. I see the cat go by too, also face down. I jump back in and haul my sister out again. "Why did you go back in?" I say, crying, because the cat must be dead. My sister won't answer. I turn to get the cat anyhow, or try. My ex is coming out of the water, with the cat. "She's bad." he says. My cat is bloody and banged, but I think she is breathing. I hurry for a towel to wrap her, hoping she doesn't have too many internal injuries, hoping she won't die.

I wake up.

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