The simplest yoga asana. Translated it means "the corpse's position". Execution is really simple, too: you just lay down on the ground with your palm facing upwards.

Shavasana is a very elementary postion (or asana in yoga. It is used for meditation and relaxation. You lay on your back with your legs slightly wider than hip width apart, and your arms about one foot away from your sides with the palms up. You focus on each part of your body, starting with the bottoms of your feet. Notice the attitude of that body part, is it tense, hard? Imagine it softening, dissolving a little around the edges. Do this all the way up your body, to the top of your head. Then do the same with the thoughts in your mind. Notice the thoughts that are in your mind, are they quick, slow? Do they make you tense? Soften around those thoughts, acknowledge them and gently push them away. Remain this way for a while, as long as you like. If a part of your body becomes tense, let that part soften and refocus on your thoughts. When you are ready to come out of the position, start to move in small motions, your fingers and your toes. Then, when you are ready and feel that you have woken you body up enough, roll over on your side and take a few deep breaths. Some people like to chant OM three times after they have performed shavasana. This is a really good position if you are suffering from insomnia. (Us noders wouldn't know anything about insomnia, would we?) It also works well for general relaxation and stress.

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