A poem

Short toes, long feet,
strong legs, furry torso, broad shoulders,
quick arms, big hands, long fingers that drag over skin and fly over keyboards,
short neck, round chin, warm face, bushy hair, thick eyebrows,
and two discs of tiger's eye that I use to see the world.

three shifting forms, blurring one into another,
never the same creature twice.
Bear, brown, sturdy, not quick but strong, sleeping, slowly ambling through the woods.
Cat, leaping quickly along the wall, peering into corners and around walls, eyes twinkling in the dark.
Phoenix, strong, tired, proud, emerging from the ashes yet again, ready to heal another wounded soul.

Random connections, leaps of ungravity and antilogic,
beyond the gutter and into the sewer, complex,
intense, untrained,

splintered and glued and shattered again, still searching, still willing to try, just waiting for
the right, gentle touch...

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