So really quick, here's what's been wrong, and how it's right again:
Mar 8 -
Homenode image uploading should work again. I say /should/ because what was happening, was that inside of uploaduserimage, the damn file handle was returning null on read. Now I realize it's some kind of bizarre IO::Scalar handle coughed up by or something like that, so that's cool, but read was returning an error on it. I didn't really bother checking $! because of laziness, so heck, I redid it with slurp. Not the best fix, but it's something I'll revisit.

Also, the node crypt wasn't working. This is because it wasn't fixed properly inside of An interesting fact is that the Node Crypt (and subsequently Node Heaven) is a goddamn awful hack, that was somewhat dependant on what a mysqldump of the tomb table looks like. There were two bugs.. first of which, the escaped backtick was being executed as a bash subshell... in a bash subshell.

Instead of \` we really needed to be \\\`

Secondly, I needed to clear out the LOCK TABLES directive, or we'd choke on some mysql 4.1.x syntaxing that we weren't dependant on before.

It's not a great fix, but both of the problems are confirmed solved for now.

Let's give a huge round of applause for crond on web3 for going all zombie on us. Restarting it fixes the "last seen five minutes" ago problem, by allowing ntpdate to actually run to correct the clock drift.

Closed out the E2 Bugs that were still open.

Fixed ipfrom. One line fix.

XML::Parser is now installed in places, so (older?) XML export stuff that was hosed might work.

ednsection_everydevel now is fixed after two years of broken.

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