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One of the recent infrastructure changes underneath e2 may have had an unintended side effect. Formerly, unclosed HTML tags in writeups did not "leak out" to affect other writeups in a node. For some users, in some browsers, this may no longer be the case. We're still investigating, and you can help us track it down.

How can you help?

  1. Before submitting a writeup, please check your HTML formatting. Decorative tags like <big> and <strong> and <em> should always be closed with corresponding end tags, that is </big> and </strong> and </em>. For example, if you want to totally overemphasize 'I like snowflakes' you'd do this:

    <big><strong><em> I like snowflakes! </em></strong></big>
    Note how the end tags are reversed from the open tags, so that the decorative tags 'nest' within each other like Russian dolls.

    It can be particularly tricky to see a missing </small> tag by just looking at the displayed writeup, so please check carefully.

    The same idea applies to lists. If you use <ol> or <ul> lists, please close them with matching </ul> or </ol> tags. If you don't, subsequent text will appear indented.

    A good test is to put a test sentence at the very end of your writeup when you're creating and testing it in your scratchpad (you do that, right?). Use something simple like "The end." Does it appear correctly - left aligned, in the right size, not bold, not in italics? Then things are likely OK, and you can remove the test sentence before you post.

  2. If you find a node that seems to have broken formatting, you can report it in Broken Writeups. Please take a moment to tell us what theme, browser, and OS you were using, so we can try to narrow down the problem.

    If you see broken formatting in a Webster 1913 writeup, you can just message him instead. An admin will attend to it in due time. (Ol' Webby tends to mess up his close tags on italics, he sometimes does <i>this<i> instead of <i>this</i>. Ideally he'd do <em>this</em> but apparently the <em> tag wasn't invented in 1913.)


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