I biked in Maryland with my son and old friends today.

Five of us started out, with one meeting us by car. It started to rain, though the forecast claimed 0.1% chance of rain until 5 pm. I had a windbreaker, mostly for the zipper pockets for phone and money. We got to the lunch stopping point and had cheesesteak sandwiches. The rain was looking persistent, so two people went with the car.

I rode back with my son and friend B. I was warm enough and full of lunch and have been getting exercise daily on this trip. We are on the B & A rail to trail bike path*, blacktop. There is enough rain on the black top that the sky is reflected in it, and the tree tops along the sides. The color of the sky is correct. Looking down, I am riding in the sky, in the clouds, upside down. I am above the treetops, riding in the zone in the steady rain. It is beautiful.


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