A classic Road Movie released in 1971 and directed by Monte Hellman. It was made almost entirely with non-professional actors, and is peopled exclusively by characters with no names.

Two drag racers played by folk singer James Taylor ('The Driver') and Beach Boys drummer Dennis Wilson drive a primer grey 55 Chevy ('The Car') across the American South West. They display a fanatical devotion to the vehicle and little in the way of conversation passes between them.

Somewhere along the way the pick up a hitchhiker ('The Girl') (played by 17 year old high school graduate Laurie Bird) who just gets in the car and is accepted without question. Then at a Gas Station in New Mexico they meet the character known as 'GTO' - named after his car, a bright yellow 1970 GTO. Played by Warren Oates (the only professional actor in the main cast) who gives a fantastic performance as an aging playboy undergoing a midlife crisis who takes an instant dislike to 'The Driver' and 'The Mechanic', though like them he also shares an obsession with his car - they challenge each other to Washington, D.C, a race for 'Pink Slips' - the ownership of the others vehicle

The film then follows their progress in the race through a landscape of small-town diners and gas stations. As is common with the genre the journey becomes a metaphor for the search for meaning and the two sets of characters become intertwined, helping each other with repairs and so forth with the race eventually being abandoned somewhere near Memphis,having lost it purpose somewhere along the way.

Of particular note in this film is the sense of a tired alienation achieved in part by the directors technique of subjecting his (non) actors to a series of punishing re-takes, only allowing them to see the script a few pages at a time, resulting in a series of (world) weary performances. Sound also plays an important part in the movie, though their is no sound track, instead it is entirely supplied by the sound of the cars and the music the characters listen to as they drive along.

The film also has Harry Dean Stanton as 'Oklahoma Hitchhiker'.

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