I tend to have the opposite problem from people tailgating me.

As a new driver, I drive a mere 5 MPH over the speed limit. When driving on multi-lane highways, this is not sufficient, as there are many hardened drivers in whom a speeding ticket doesn't strike mortal fear or even dread of high insurance premiums. So, they take the obvious action and pass me.

Once they're in front of me, they decide that their work in the passing lane is done. So they cut right back in front of me. They do this far too soon, leaving almost no distance in front of me. Sometimes, having made their point, they decide to slow down to about the speed I was at.

This makes me, technically, the one tailgating. I don't enjoy riding their bumper, so I slow down.

Since I'm going slower, another car decides to pass me. Just when there's a comfortable distance between my car and the car ahead, this next car decides that there's enough space there to squeeze in as well. So, I have to slow down even more.

The vicious cycle continues. I hate reverse tailgaters.

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