This an evil DHTML "event" (talk about expanding the boundaries of tags), and consequently, a MSIE4.0+ / Communicator 4.x only affair.

It consists of a transition between two images, or between two pages.

I am a defender of accessibility (for which text and careful use of images is often the best solution), but I recognize a good use of F/X for the web when I see one.

But this. This is the year 2000 version of the dreadful BLINK tag!

And I have to add one last complain: this evening, while following a link to (go there at your own risk), I've suffered a pseudohallucination! Little blue dots have started to appear everywhere in the screen (I only have smoked one joint today, an hour before meeting Mr. revealTrans).

What a shock! (I will avoid harsh language here). I was really scared until I tried another window and the effect was gone. For a second I thought I finally had lost my mind….

And yes, I know what many of you think, that’s a punishment for using IE, eh? Hell yes!, maybe, but the pseudohallucination hasn’t been funny at all!!!

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