From French. Our Larousse's defines revanche as "revenge; retaliation; requital", etc.

"Revanchism" is a general descriptor for a policy or ideology based on the pursuit of revenge; for example interbellicose German revanchism wrt England and France has been offered as one of many reasons for Hitler's rise to power and the ensuing unpleasantness. We weren't there at the time so we really can't say. In any case, German revanchism was in part a response to the unreasonable terms of the Treaty of Versailles, those terms having been dictated by the British and the French in a paroxysm of revanchism directed at Germany, some of which dated from the loss of Alsace in the Franco-Prussian War of 1870. It's all about vengeance, lads, and don't let nobody tell you different.

When we hold the compact edition of the OED closed in our lap and tap it with our fingertips, it makes a beautiful doinking sound, like so: "Doink, doink". Just like that.

Having doinked our fill (don't over-doink!), we now look up revanchism, and find that the OED generally backs us up but with more emphasis on "securing the return of lost territory".

Related forms: A revanchard is a revanchist, and both of them are out for blood, but revanchist appears in English in 1926 while revanchard cools its heels in Bulb Baby Heaven until the Washington Post wraps it up and brings it home to meet the cat in 1961.

I think i'll go back to doinking now.

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