In SCUBA parlance, this is the device that you attach to your air tank that regulates air pressure. It usually has four hoses attached that go to your mouthpiece, backup mouthpiece, pressure gauge, and BC. This setup is also sometimes referred to as an octopus.

A "Regulator" was what Warren G and his gang called themsleves. At the beginning of his self titled album he says "Regulators... Mount up." They call themselves regulators because if someone messes with their shit they regulate their ass cause they are "quick wit da steel".

In more detail, a regulator in SCUBA terms consists of a primary (or first) stage regulator, atleast one secondary (or second) stage regulator, and usually 4 hoses.

The primary stage attaches directly to the high pressure air tank and feeds high pressure and low pressure hoses. The high pressure hose usually goes to your dive computer or gauges, the low pressure hoses go to your BCD and secondary stage regulator(s). The low presure hoses contain air at the same pressure as the water arround you.

The secondary stage regulators take the low pressure feed from the primary and supply you with air in a controled manner. (eg only when you breathe in). You usually have a primary second stage (the one you normaly breathe through), and a backup second stage, (aka the Octi).

Reg"u*la`tor (-l?`t?r), n.


One who, or that which, regulates.

2. Mach.

A contrivance for regulating and controlling motion, as: (a) The lever or index in a watch, which controls the effective length of the hairspring, and thus regulates the vibrations of the balance. (b) The governor of a steam engine. (c) A valve for controlling the admission of steam to the steam chest, in a locomotive.


A clock, or other timepiece, used as a standard of correct time. See Astronomical clock (a), under Clock.


A member of a volunteer committee which, in default of the lawful authority, undertakes to preserve order and prevent crimes; also, sometimes, one of a band organized for the comission of violent crimes.


A few stood neutral, or declared in favor of the Regulators. Bancroft.


© Webster 1913.

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