Miserably gray and soaked to its spine, the sidewalk aches with the weight of the precipitation it has absorbed. Rubber boots tear through the abandoned puddles, so consumed with laughter and debauchery that the woes of the concrete below go unnoticed. Two young people, a boy and girl, hastily scan the derelict street, their innards flickering with anticipation. Heavy smoke devours their lungs and sends a wave of soaking, saturated, drenched warmth through their bodies. Chests swelling like buoyant hot air balloons, they begin a gentle ascension into the chaotic sky above. Ignoring the unpleasant sensation of the rain snapping spitefully at their supple cheeks, blinded by the giddy weightlessness that pulses steadily through their bodies, the comrades sail ignorantly upwards. Unsullied delight swarms around their limbs like a throbbing cloud of insects, melting their organs into hot sticky puddles of liquid and twisting their words into melodious, syrup-drenched ballads. But their bliss is mercilessly temporary, massacred by the inevitable responsibility that awaits them. Swirling anarchically in a jumble of rain and youthful revelry, a fog of hazy expectations, an ocean of tangerine thoughts and violet hopes, the sky encircles them, darkening and growing into a massive tornado that threatens to violently drag them into a tyrannical vacuum. In a desperate attempt to maintain sanity they meld their palms together, clinging to any last semblance of security. But the tempest is maniacal. It slashes their despondent fingers apart with callous talons and consumes their happiness, feeding on their ignorance with bitter teeth. Leaving the two motionless forms on the abrasive, coarse concrete, the gale dissipates into the muddled sky.

They watch it retreat, the terror dissolving from their expressions and leaving only a trace of twisted bewilderment. Shakily they clamor to their feet, forcing their flaccid, wilting limbs to stand, and attempt to rid themselves of the remaining current of electricity that persists in their veins. Optimistically, the heavens have returned to a mundane assortment of sugary cumulus clouds. An eerie surge of serenity has blanketed the street in a viscous layer of silence. Fresh, chilled oxygen permeates their lungs, seeps into the craters of the sidewalk, cleanses the atmosphere and eradicates all impurities. All suggestions of the preceding anomaly in the weather seem to have evaporated.

Unable to make sense of the event, they wordlessly resolve to overlook it completely.

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