A pizza delivery driver will usually be found in three places: their car, a kitchen, or a gas station. They may be identified by markings of to whom they owe their allegience on the car or their person. If you encounter one on the road, get out of their way at all costs.

Being a part time pizza delivery person for a little pizza joint, I must agree with nieken about tipping. A pizza delivery driver is not a public servant, but an angry tiger who pounces at challenges of speed and skill. They exhibit a feeling of pride for being fast and ruthless. When not receiving a tip they will remember you, your name, if you have children, what kind of car you drive... your address. If it happens more than once they will let their boss know and your pizza will not be at your door until the tiger feels it is time. We are the judge, jury and executioner when it comes to answering the question "Is it time for me to eat?"

Considering the unappreciated salaries and poor gratuity of the general public, pizza delivery gains compensation by being an enjoyable job not by monetary gain.

Famous pizza delivery drivers:
  • Bad Andy not respected in the field
  • Hiro Protagonist

It is a glamorous job in my eyes... Bastard public.

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