A 24 hour restaurant in Austin, Texas. They have badass pancakes and just about any other food appropriate for any hour. Plus they have good coffee. It's all about the blueberry pancakes. The original is in a converted old house on Kerbey Lane. Four locations are now available for your choosing:

3704 Kerbey Lane
-The original. A converted old house, much like many other Austin restaurants.

2700 S. Lamar
-AKA Kerbey south. Used to be some other form of diner. Food's equivalent to the original. Atmosphere sucks rocks.

12601 Research
-AKA Kerbey north. Never been there myself, though I have it on authority from a former employee that one should under no circumstances eat at this location.

Guadalupe, across from campus
-Never been here either. Used to be Conan's Pizza. Conveniently positioned for UT students.

Indeed, untergeek is correct. Their food is mostly average, though there are a few good dishes. Their pancakes is where it's at. In fact, I can only recall two occasions where I didn't order pancakes. Often the other inhabitants of the table can hear me mumble, "Holy shit this is good!" in between bites.

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