Bistro Montage
301 SE Morrison
Portland, OR

It's a pretty weird place. The later you go, the weirder it gets - and it's open until 2:30 AM. Seating is at long tables; there's no space at all between groups. Which is a good thing - the people near you are likely to be interesting. There's a huge cubist Last Supper on one wall; it's worth the trip just to see it.

The food is cajun. The price is moderate, unless you get the Old Mac or similar - then it's cheap. It's more expensive than I can afford every day, but I go whenever I get invited. I enjoy the jambalaya and the mud pie, but it's all good. If you have leftovers, the waiter wraps your food up in aluminum foil, and sculpts it into cute animal shapes.

MoJoe recommends the coffee; I haven't tried it, but I will next time I go. (back to Everything Restaurant Reviews)
When I eat there I just get the Old Mac (Maccaroni in cream sauce) for 4 bucks and the coffee is so strong and delicious that you can literally pour a dollop of cream in there and it stays black.

    Some other interesting things about the Montage are:
  • it started out as a gormet restaurant that was only frequented by punks and goth kiddies. It suddenly became this bizzare cross culture experience.
  • They scream "ONNNEEEEE OYSTAAAAAAR!" when you order an oyster shooter.
  • When you order a Raineer (because it is the only beer they serve there even though they have a full bar of hard booze and about 3 billion different types of wine) they flick the cap accross the room.
  • They serve the wine in water glasses.
  • The head cook has a mohawk.
  • Most of the waiters have weird hair, tattoo's and all other manner of personal customization which you would expect at your average 4 star restaurant. :P
  • Even through all of that they have white linen table cloths, excellent food and snazzy music.
If you are ever in Portland it comes with the HIGHEST recomendations.

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