A piropo is a semi-rude, complimentary, or flirtatious thing that Hispanic guys yell to women on the street. Depending on the context it can mean a guy is really being rude, or maybe just joking, or maybe actually trying to pick you up; usually it is all three at once.

It isn't meant to be directly threatening. However, a woman is never supposed to respond to a piropo AT ALL, unless she is inviting a sexual advance. So, you aren't supposed to look, frown, get mad, yell back insults, laugh, or anything.

Common piropos are things like:

  • Ay, mamacita! (Hey, hot mama!)
  • Ssss! Guera! (Hey, blondie!)
  • Oye, Rubia! (blondie, again... but just any light color hair is sufficient)
  • Oye, bonita! (Hey, beautiful!)
  • Mamacita! Ven aca! (hot mama, come here!)
  • Oye, bombón! (Yo! Sexy! - literally, candy or bon-bon)
  • Tantas curvas y yo sin frenos! (so many curves and I don't have brakes!)
  • Preséntame a tu ginecólogo... ¡para chuparle los dedos! (Introduce me to your gynecologist, so I can lick his fingers!)

A flowery compliment or rompantic poem sent to a woman can also be referred to as a piropo. These can get really syrupy sweet, and silly -- like "I wish I could be a teardrop and drown in your eyes" or "Whenever I think of you, my soul overflows with love." It's pretty extreme!

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